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What We're About


Who is Shepherd's Light

Shepherd's Light is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization with a very simple mission.  We want to help working parents with the initial costs of childcare, so they can successfully join or rejoin the workforce.  It's about giving a young family a hand-up.  Childcare is expensive.  We want to take down the initial expense barrier so parents can get back to work sooner.  We can do this with your help.


Our Goals

Our primary goal is to conduct successful fundraising events, in which we educate community members about our mission and how they can help.

Funds that are raised from these efforts are used to help offset the initial costs of securing quality childcare.  It can be as simple as paying for a daycare deposit, or perhaps the first week of care.  Whatever the gesture,  parents can get back to the business of providing for their families needs sooner.  Mom and Dad are happy.  Kids are happy.  Everyone wins!


Our History

Mike and Catherine Dehlin of Denham Springs are successful entrepreneurs whose ventures include Generations Hospice Service Corporation,  Generations Properties, House of Grace, Good Shepherd Early Learning Center and Generations Care Group.  Their decision to start Shepherds Light was inspired by witnessing, first hand, the struggles of new parents, especially moms, as they attempted to rejoin the work force after starting their new young families.

is this your pay it forward moment?

Your support and contributions will enable us to make real changes in the lives of young families. Every little bit counts!

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